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Absolutely no pets will be admitted without vaccination verification from a veterinarian. You may bring them in at the time of registration or have your veterinarian fax them to us at (858) 748-7121 or. For the safety of all, written proof of the following vaccinations is require:

Canine Vaccinations

  • Rabies (Every 3 Years)
  • Bordetella - Yearly

Feline Vaccinations



  • In order to keep our facility sanitary, all pets MUST be free of fleas and ticks at the time of admittance. If necessary, pet will be bathed and charges will be billed to pet owner.
  • Pets must be in good health. Should your pet become ill, we will try to notify you and/or your vet. We reserve the right to place your pet in the care of a licensed veterinarian if necessary. Expenses will be billed to the owner.
  • Complimentary, quality pet food is provided. We proudly feed (Canidae) or you may bring your own at no extra charge.
  • Pets that have physical impairments due to age or health conditions may not be accepted for boarding.
  • Pets must be mobile.


  • Charges begin with the day your pet is left in our care. Check-out time is between 9:00 - 5:00 However, there will be no charge the day your pet leaves if your pet is picked up before NOON (Except Sundays).
  • For stays longer than two weeks, partial payment must be made in advance and on a regular basis such that the outstanding bill is no more than two weeks.