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Frequently asked questions

Q: May I bring my pets bed & toys?
A: You may bring your pet's washable bed and/or blanket and up to 5 toys (toys must be dog appropriate). Chew sticks and treats are more than welcome. Keep in mind when bringing in bedding, that we will launder it if it becomes soiled or wet, so please, no over-sized items such as comforters, sleeping bags, couch pillows etc. Make sure to put your pet's name and your last name on bedding and toys.

Q: What about food?
A: Country Kennels serves "Canidae All Life Stages" dry dog food and has a variety of canned food. If you pet requires a special diet, you may bring it in plastic bags with his name on it.

Q: What if my pet only eats chicken?
A: We have a refrigerator/freezer on the premises and are more than happy to keep your pet on the food they are used to getting. If your pet only eats chicken or raw food, just provide the food in freezer bags. We can thaw a fresh bag of food each day.

Q: My dog is not neutered/spayed?
A: That's not a problem. Your dog(s) are kept separate from other dogs. If you have a female in season, please tell us in advance so that we can book her in the proper run.

Q: What if my dog is aggressive toward other dogs?
A: We do not mix the dogs. The dogs stay in their own run while boarding or during the exercise (VIP) sessions. The only time dogs are together is when they are from the same family.

Q: What if my dog is people aggressive?
A: Please inform us of any aggressive behavior so that we may take the proper precautions. Due to the way we are set up (with indoor and outdoor dogs run) we will still be able to keep your dog clean and fed and well cared for.

Q: Do you board older animals?
A: Yes. We do not have an age restriction as long as your pet can get up, walk and go potty on his/her own.

Q: What time is my dog locked in and let out?
A: Since we live on the premise, we can tailor the time according to the weather just like you would at home.

Q: Are the dogs kept in cages?
A: No. All dogs have their own indoor and outdoor run. They can go outdoor to lie in the sun or inside in the air conditioning if they prefer. The inside is cooled or heated depending on the weather.

Q: Are there higher rates for holidays?
A: No, we keep our prices the same all year around. We do, however, require a $45 deposit for Thanksgiving and Christmas that goes toward your final bill.