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Our V.I.P service is time for your pet to get that "special" individualized attention.
For dogs the One-on-One playtime takes place in our large grass play yard surrounded by a 6' fence out in the fresh air and sunshine. Your dog's "Play Pal" will throw a ball or Frisbee, or sit an give extra pets and love if they prefer.
For cats our V.I.P is indoors in the spacious room were they can romp and play or just sit in our laps for pets or brushing.

  • VIP Exercise .............$5.00 for 10 minutes

Additional Charges

 Medication and/or Medical Care (ear or eye Meds) can be giving to your pet, if supplied, for an additional cost.

  • Medication / Vitamins                  $0.50
  • Eye /Ears Medical Care                $1.00 

The cost is for each time administered.

Insulin Injections

  • $2.00 per shot

Insulin and syringes must be provided.