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Dog Boarding


  • Each dog has their own individual run which consists of an indoor and outdoor area.  (They can go in or outside as they please.) The indoor portion is cooled and/or heated. At night they are tucked inside were it is temperature controlled for their comfort.
  • Dogs are boarded in their own run but can share a run with a dog from the same family or we can accommodate side by side runs if made in advance.

Click here for Brochure Inside Run View

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Runs


Our dog suites are built for luxury and a more home-like atmosphere. The Suites are set off to the side of the kennel for a more private and quiet area. Each suite includes:

  • Air-Conditioned and Heated Indoor Room
  • Couch, Rugs, TV and Soothing Music
  • Outdoor Patio, Patio Fans and a Grass Yard with a View
  • Hands on attention through out the day

Dog Suite Requirements

For the enjoyment of all our Guests, dogs must be:

  • Housebroken
  • Quiet
  • Non Chewers, diggers or fence jumpers
  • Not aggressive towards people or other dogs

Dog Suites

For more information on Boarding your pet for the first time or for frequent asked questions, visit our pages: