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Boarding Your Pet For the First Time

If your pet has never been boarded, it is a good idea to accustom your pet to kennel stays by first boarding him for a short period of time such as a weekend. This allows you to work out any problems before boarding your pet for an extended period.

It is best, of course, to begin with a young animal. As soon as the immunizations program is complete, board him for a short stay.

Our staff will play with your pet and reassure him. Puppies and/or kittens usually learn very quickly to enjoy boarding.

Naturally, a pet who is relaxed about boarding is more likely to board well.

Avoid emotional goodbyes which will cause your pet to worry unnecessarily and become stressed.

Stress could result in lowered resistance and sometimes even temporary changes in behavior such as ripping up their bed, which they have never done before.

Be sure to inform us of any special idiosyncrasies or medical problems your pet may have, such as a history of epilepsy or fear of thunder, etc., that may aid us in keeping your pet healthy and happy.

When your pet is picked up they will be very excited to see you. (Dogs do not have a sense of time, they will be just as happy to see you if you left for 15 minutes or 5 days). The excitement will cause them to pant a lot and be thirsty and hungry. Excessive food and water consumption the moment you get home can create problems so wait a few hours till they settle in.

Remember we are in this business because we love animals.

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